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Guerrilla Public Service
Freeway Sign installation, Flag project (Manifest Destiny 3)
Federal Minimum Wage Poster


Sign Painting hand painted lettering, water guild gold leaf
Fine Art oil on canvas, acylic on canvas, vinyl on aluminum


Fetish Figurines, Resin Hatchets (Gra'ma Series)
Neon guns, Wall Sculpture



Los Angeles Times Arts & Entertainment- June 4, 2015 by Carolina A. Miranda
Richard Ankrom, “The Curio Shop,” at Charlie James Gallery. The artist, who is perhaps best known for installing a directional sign on the 110, also works with appropriated bits of kitsch that he transforms in strange and bizarre ways. For his show at Charlie James, he takes porcelain figurines and other odd bits of decorative detritus and outfits them with special-made mini-bondage gear. The result is as demented as it is irresistible. Opens June 6 and runs through [August 8]. 969 Chung King Road, Chinatown, Los Angeles, 

mesaartcentergroup exhibition-
ARTillery, Contemporary Art Influenced Weaponry
April 24 - August 16 Mesa Art Center, One East Main St. Mesa Az.


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